According to Dictionary.com to swan means to wander idly – an apt description of my kind of travelling.

This blog is a travelogue for where I’ve been on this planet – what I saw, where I stayed, thingI liked and activities that were  memorable as well as  items that have helped me (and some that I hope to own one day) – shown through my writing and images.

As of September 1, 2014, it will be five years since I started writing this journal – and I head into the sixth year of documenting my travels, I’m glad to say that the travel obsession is still strong.

I’m continuing to share memorable moments from destinations I have visited – culture, humour, cuisine, landscape, people – and think about how we all view travel and its influences.

Since I’m a full-time freelance journalist with almost daily deadlines, my format continues to change –  it may be a reflection on the past, a comment on the present or showing where I am on the road.  Thanks for all those likes, comments and a special thank you to subscribers.

I hope you’ll enjoy the perspective and let me know what you think about the places you’ll visit through this site.

All content on this blog is copyright Waheeda Harris 2009-2015.

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