Posted by: Waheeda Harris | July 3, 2012

The precious landscape

When I visited the Great Sands National Park I learned about how these sand dunes are created, all thanks to a unique combination of elements from Mother Nature.

And it all comes down to water. That precious element that makes up a huge part of our planet (and ourselves) is the key to many unique landscapes – either for its plentiful existense or its scarcity.

In southern Colorado, there’s a unique balance of water and land, although the dust circling any visitor would suggest there’s not enough water. But nearby mountains and winter snow happily provide the water sources for this part of the state. Its the reason the sand dunes exist here – the partnership of land and water.

Just north of here, the wildfires are claiming lives, and hundreds of acres of land, scorching the earth of its natural accessories – trees, vegetation and wildlife. Its an unfortunate bond of those who have lived out west – the knowledge of forest fires and wildfires – and how it will happen and how it changes your view of the world.

As I watch the news reports on the continued spread and the devastation around Colorado Springs, I think of this landscape, thankfully still so pristine and such a unique creation on the planet. And I sadly think of the area around Colorado Springs, the smoky air and the disappearance of the landscape.


  1. The first picture is amazing!!

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